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Living Family

Living Family is experienced in researching for lost families and family history. We find records in many places and contact a variety of people who may be able to help with your query. If you have missing relatives in Ukraine and the adjacent countries we can help you to find them or determine what happened to them. This particularly relates to the victims of the Holocaust, mass resettlements and persecutions by the totalitarian regimes. In spite of limited archive sources that are scattered in several countries, we have extensive experience with such cases.
Prices depend upon what you require. We charge for particular types of work, which may include working with the archives and other available sources, visiting places, taking photographs, making video, etc..
The final report normally includes a short video of the area particularly covered by the research and of the main city of the area.
We visit any places in Ukraine to carry out research for you as may be required.
We also organize tours of all major sites in Ukraine: Kiev, Lviv, Crimea, etc. for you according to what you require.
We prepare customized tours depending on our client’s wishes. The most popular of which are:
- Ukrainian heritage tours in the Western Ukraine and South Eastern Poland;
- Jewish heritage tours along Galicia, Podolia, Bukovyna, Central and Odessa area;
- Yiddish literature tours to Chernivtsi, Lviv, Brody, Odessa;
- Polish heritage tours that normally include Galicia, Podolia (Kamienec), Berdychiv, Kiev.
All tours are conducted by people who are experts in the history of Ukraine and Central Europe, we bring even to the smallest places.
Just click if you would like to see photographs of some of the more interesting sites in Lviv.
The tours are arranged in English, German, Polish, Russian and Ukrainian.
We provide customized tours of Kiev, Lviv, Odessa, Chernivtsi depending on the cultural/ethnical background of the clients.
We also assist getting local train, air, bus tickets for your .
Here are some of our former clients:
Pan" Alex (our key person in Ukraine - I.P.),We just wanted to let you know that we had a great time with you on our trip. Your language skills and encyclopedic knowledge made for a memorable experience. I still cannot believe that we found my relatives so easily. Vitaly (our driver - I.P.) was a great driver and got us to Budapest in good time and order. The sadness of the situation in the United States (the 9/11 attack on WTC - I.P.) may have dampened our good spirits but did not detract from the satisfaction that we all received from our Hungarian/Ukrainian adventure.
Don Mykytiuk, Haverford, USA

We had an unforgettable trip, and its success was due in large part to the excellent service we received from your company. We are so thankful that we took your advice to travel with a guide, car and driver, for we now realize that we would not have been able to do what we did without them. Michael Schick, University of Washington, Seattle, USA

The travel arrangements were flawless... and we simply did not have one single problem with the arrangements. After having gone on this trip as we did, I would say we did it right. ...if you want to venture out into the country, a driver and a vehicle are essential. When we do this again, we'll do it the same way.
Jim Kohut, Kraus GroupWinnipeg, CANADA
phone:+380 322611473
mobile: +380 506710725